About Us

A & H Childproofers was established in 1993 by Arvey Levinsohn and his family. They have serviced thousands of parents who looked for expert advice on making their homes safer for their children.

A & H Childproofers is a leader in child safety education and professional installation in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas. It is our mission to help families achieve a safe, positive, and nurturing environment, and educate parents on the dangers for their child in the home. We are proud to educate and serve our community.

Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer

The ADVANCED CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CHILDPROOFER designation indicates that Arvey Levinsohn has met the exacting standards set by the International Association for Child Safety as to professional education, knowledge and experience in the field of child safety issues, ethics, business practices, installation of child safety products, performance of child safety consulting and has demonstrated knowledge of child safety issues.







The first professional childproofing company was established in California in 1982. Unintentional death of children 14 and under, dropped 39% in the years that followed. This illustrates the effectiveness of injury prevention measures.

The reality is, accidents will happen! No matter how close you watch, a child’s curiosity and increased mobility will eventually get the best of you. The results can be physically and emotionally painful for your child and family.

There is no guarantee of an injury-free home, however, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize the occurrence and severity of these possible accidents and injuries.


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