Child Safety

Child Safety Tips: A Brief Guide to Childproofing

Understanding your child's development

The most critical period of your child’s life are the first two years. According to the Academy of Pediatrics, 90% of a child’s personality, growth and intelligence develop during this time. It is important to provide a safe environment, one that is a positive, nurturing setting for your child’s growth and development. The experienced childproofer will help educate you and provide this environment. They have already been through thousands of homes and listened to many tragic stories.

Most children do not develop their motor skills before 6 months of age. However, there are a small percentage of children who actually take their first steps by then. You may hear others say, “my child was never interested in cabinets, outlets or vents.” This is the exception, not the rule. It is not a question as to whether your child will be attracted to potential hazards in your home, but when. Accidents happen most often when you least expect it, and without warning. Are your preventive measures and childproofing practices up to date?

We have compiled some important child safety tips based on your child's age and development. You may view this information in our free downloadable PDF booket. We hope this guide will help you identify some of the dangers in your home and how you can help keep your child safe.

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